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What makes a restaurant great? Is it the food, inventiveness or quality of ingredients? Or is it the ambience, décor and quality of service? And what makes a restaurant “best” in the world, if such an accolade can even be … Continue reading

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DHL Stafetten

Danes run. A lot. A highlight of the running calendar is the DHL Stafetten held throughout the country the last week of August. For 5 days, teams from virtually all companies, organizations and institutions compete in a 5 x 5km relay. … Continue reading

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The Euro Cup and Denmark

Every 4 years, the European Cup is held to decide the best national team in European football (soccer). This year, the tournament is being held in Poland and Ukraine. Despite qualifying first in their division, Denmark recieved a tough draw and landed in Division B with Germany, the … Continue reading

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The Euro-Zone Crisis 201

Well, the Greek time bomb has officially been kicked down the road for a while. But what influence is the Euro zone crisis having on Denmark and the Danish economy? Before I answer that question, it’s necessary to make three … Continue reading

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The Euro-Zone Crisis 101

WARNING! The following post contains discussions of economics and finance which may cause drowsiness and fatigue. Read at your own risk! In recent months, numerous friends, colleagues and family have asked me to explain the Euro-zone crisis and the impact … Continue reading

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For those who have wondered whether something serious had happened to me given the absence of new posts recently, the answer is no, I am still alive and kicking. Rather, I have been preoccupied with babysitting my parents for a month (their first trip to continental … Continue reading

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Europe According to…

O.k., so this doesn’t really pertain just to Denmark and I might be infringing some copyright laws but it’s well worth it. This sums up the various European stereotypes. Have a good laugh… Note that you can double-click on the image to enlarge. The first four … Continue reading

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