Gardens of Versailles

Given the splendor of Versailles, it was only fitting that the palace be complimented with magnificent gardens and parks, in keeping with its regal nature. Laid out beginning in 1661 in a classical French style, the gardens sprawl over 800 hectares of land and include countless statues, fountains, and pools.

Behind the chateau, perfectly manicured parterres work their way down toward elegant groves lined with statues. To the south lies the Orangery, embedded below the palace with views beyond to the Swiss Lake.

To the west, beyond the groves, lies the aptly-named “Green Carpet” leading to the crucifix-shaped Grand Canal. It is here that one leaves the manicured gardens and enters elegant parkland stretching out in a semi-circular fashion around the Grand Canal.

While it is possible to write a book of the gardens, I will leave it up to the pictures to do justice.

View of the South Parterre and South Wing of the Chateau

View of the Orangery recessed into the ground beyond the South Wing

View of the Orangery and Swiss Lake

View of the Lantone Fountain (not functioning) leading to “Green Carpet” and Grand Canal with groves on each side

Statues lining several of the many groves

Close-up of one of the many statues

Close-up of the “Green Carpet” and Grand Canal

School-kids enjoying lunch along the edge of the Grand Canal

It would be hard to find a better location for wedding photos…


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