Winter in Copenhagen

Winter has finally descended on Scandinavia. For the fourth Sunday in a row (what is it with Sunday?), it is snowing. Not much by Canadian standards, but enough to leave a nice white blanket on the ground. This has been complimented by an inordinate amount of sun, at least by Danish standards. Last Sunday was particularly beautiful with the light glistening off the snow.

After a couple of weeks of cold weather, “The Lakes” have officially been deemed safe. City workers cleared off a rink-sized area for hockey as well as a large oval for skaters on one of the lakes. However, the best skating is on the one closest to me. As it is more exposed, the wind has cleaned off all the snow, leaving reasonably good skating conditions. I was able to get out twice this weekend. Friday evening in particular was very beautiful; the sun was just setting as I got home from work and headed out onto the ice.

The following pictures were taken in the last week. Enjoy!

"The Lakes" under freshly fallen snow last Sunday

Skating on "The Lakes" Friday evening.

The last vestiges of sunset, skating on "The Lakes Friday evening

"The Lakes" yesterday afternoon. It amazes me how active the Danes are! I think North Americans could learn a lesson...

If you can't beat 'em, join em. This was the skating portion of my skate, run, bike triathlon yesterday.


About Canadianindenmark

A Canadian expat working in the biotechnology industry in Copenhagen, Denmark
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3 Responses to Winter in Copenhagen

  1. ruth says:

    Love the pictures….looks so nice to skate on especially at dusk!

  2. padma says:

    I guess the Danes can work out more because they do not work at the office for as long as the north americans. How are commutes out there? Another place we spend a considerable portion of are lives is fighting traffic. Sometimes I wonder if I can get my mail delivered to me on Decarie!

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Looks so quaint!

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