Dyrehaven (Deer Park) 2

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The park attracts countless visitors for numerous reasons. In addition to the deer and countless paths, it is also home to Eremitageslottet (Ermitage Palace). Built between 1734 and 1736, the palace was constructed to host royal banquets following hunts in the park.

Eremitageslottet (Ermitage Palace)

The most famous feature of the palace was a hoisting apparatus used to lift the table from
the kitchen (located in the basement) to the dining room, allowing dinners to eat without
the presence of waiters, or “en ermitage” (in solitude).  Although somewhat diminutive in stature, the palace has spectacular views overlooking the Øresund with Sweden in the distance. To the rear lie large fields where it is usually possible to observe hundreds of deer roaming about.

An idyllic waterway in the north-eastern part of the park

In addition to numerous runners and cyclists, the park is also a popular spot for horse-back riding. The forests are left in their native state, with dead trees and undergrowth providing natural obstacle for riders to jump over. These obstacles are also utilized in the Hubertusjagten (Hubertus Hunt), an equestrian competition held the first Sunday of November.

The equestrian theme is also fostered by the ban of motorized vehicles in the park. As a result, the only non self-propelled method of transportation allowed are horse-and-carts with most (all?) stationed at the Klampenborg entrance to the park.

One of numerous horse-and-buggies in the park

Arguably the most famous feature of the park is Dyrehavsbakken, more commonly known as Bakken. Although the oldest amusement park in the world, further elaboration will have to wait as I intend to write a post (or two) on Danish amusement parks, which also include Legolandand the world-famous Tivoli Gardens.

A first glimpse at the main stage in Bakken

For those wondering the distance of my run which prompted this post, it clocked in at 16 K/10 miles.


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