Dyrehaven (Deer Park)

I went for a run this last Sunday in Dyrehaven (Deer Park). As it’s been a while since my last post, I figured I would use this as inspiration to update my blog and transport readers into the suburbs of Copenhagen. Speaking of readers, some may be interested to know that
I recently passed 5,000 viewers. My writing may be lousy but apparently someone is reading it…

But back to Dyrehaven. The park is situated approximately 10K (6 miles) north of the city in the wealthy costal suburb of Klampenborg. Although it is possible to take the train directly to Klampenborg, I disembarked early in the wealthy costal suburb of Charlottenlund. If you are wondering a) if I am aware that I used the phrase “wealthy costal suburb” twice and b) why anyone would deliberately get off the train early, the answer to the first is “Yes” and the answer to the second precisely because of my answer to the first.

Charlottenlund Slot, a former royal palace on my route

The primary route from Charlottenlund to Klampenborg is Strandvej (Beach Road). The road hugs the coastline of the Øresund the entire distance, passing numerous mansions, marinas and bath houses. The northern part of the city from the inner suburb of Hellerup to the exurb of Hørsholm/Rungsted is very wealthy with the coastal areas of these suburbs colloquially referred to as the “Danish Riviera”. Although the “Danish Riviera” has (unfortunately) not benefited from much sun this summer, the warm weather had drawn sailors, cyclists and runners alike outdoors to soak in the rays in an idyllic setting.

Charlottenlund Bath House

Sailing in the Øresund, with Sweden in the background

After a few kilometers running along the coast, I arrived in Klampenborg and the eastern entrance of the park. The park covers approximately 12 sq kilometers of undulating terrain, in contrast to the relatively flat ground observed here in the city. The origins of the park date to 1669 when Frederik III initiated construction of a refuge for wild deer. Today, the park is home to several different species of deer (approximately 2,000 deer in total) and numerous ancient oak trees.

Just a few of numerous deer observed in the park. I frightened a group of fawns on one of the paths through the forest


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  1. Cyndi says:

    And here I was, wondering what the northern suburbs had to do with ribs… 😉

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