I have been travelling so haven’t had time to follow up on my previous post on Copenhagen Public Transit. However, I thought I would post a few photos I took before flying back to North America over the next few days. All of the pictures were taken in my “hood” (Østerbro), although the concept of a “hood” really doesn’t exist in Denmark. Hopefully, it will give you a feel for the vibe in the area around my apartment.

The first picture is of Olyfsvej, a beautiful street in the district of Brumleby, an enclave of terraced houses located just across from Fælledparken. Constructed as a social housing project by the Danish Medical Association between 1854 and 1872 following a major cholera outbreak, the district was considered well outside the city center (Copenhagen K) at that time. Apartments were 25 sq meters (~275 square feet!) and housed entire families (perhaps now you understand why Danes consider I got lucky landing a 93 sq meter apartment with “two” bathrooms)!

Today, it is a peaceful neighbourhood with its pastel colors, bicycles and ideal location just south of Parken. Although it is still considered “social housing” in the Danish sense of the word, it is the complete antithesis of the North American image of social housing and is very desirable real estate. The following is an interesting overview of Brumleby on Wikipedia.

Olufsvej, Brumleby


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A Canadian expat working in the biotechnology industry in Copenhagen, Denmark
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