Quintessential Copenhagen, Café Culture

After another beautiful weekend here in Copenhagen, I thought I would write a brief post on the city’s café culture. If you are wondering about the connection between good weather and café culture (something Montreal readers are well aware of), it is readily aparent after you observe all of the packed terraces.

After a long, cold winter, Danes flock to the terraces to enjoy the warmth of early spring days. What is particularly humorous is that a Dane’s commitment to a café is directly proportional to the length of time it experiences the sun. Thus, if you are a businessman (or woman) thinking of opening a café in Copenhagen, make sure you select a location which receives lots of sun!

Although I have enjoyed the city’s café culture previously, the vibrancy of the scene wasn’t impressed upon me until two French friends suggested that it rivalled even that of France with the added intangible benefit of Danish hygge replete with candles and cozy blankets. High praise indeed when even the French consider it to be on par with their own scene. 

The following are several pictures I took this weekend. The first two are at two cafés along “The Lakes” while the latter is at Café Norden, a chi-chi café on the Strøget.  

Café along "The Lakes", Østerbro

Café 22 along "The Lakes", Norrebro

Cafe Norden on the Strøget


About Canadianindenmark

A Canadian expat working in the biotechnology industry in Copenhagen, Denmark
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