Danish New Year’s Celebrations

Following my arrival in Denmark on New Year’s Day, I couldn’t help but post on Danish New Year’s celebrations. Considering their reputation as stoic, rules-oriented, law-abiding citizens, New Years lets you see Danes in a different light.

Fireworks! Millions of them! Everywhere! Street corners, sidewalks, town squares, local parks. And we’re not talking firecrackers or the odd roman candle. They use crates of them, enough to require a degree in pyrotechnics to set them off. The problem is, most Danes don’t have a degree in pyrotechnics. To make matters worse, they tend to be well lubricated with champagne when they set them off! And kids are more than welcome to join in on the fun. The more, the merrier, or so it would appear. The city looks like a war zone in the days after New Years.

According to colleagues, the average family spends upwards of 750DKK (~$130CAD/USD) on fireworks, although some admitted to spending significantly more. News in the days after New Years is often filled with stories of lost digits or even more serious injuries, although none were reported this year. And the passing of New Years doesn’t necessarily dampen the pyrotechnic urge, although there does seem to have been a reduction in the frequency and ferocity of explosions over the last couple of nights.

The following were taken along “The Lakes” between Østebro and Nørrebro and I could have included hundreds more. I’ve also included an additional photo of “The Lakes” and sunset over Kongens Nytorv (Kings New Square), one of the central squares in downtown Copenhagen.

Child's play

Now we're talking!

A stroll along "The Lakes"

Sunset over Kongens Nytorv (Kings New Square)


About Canadianindenmark

A Canadian expat working in the biotechnology industry in Copenhagen, Denmark
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2 Responses to Danish New Year’s Celebrations

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Love the comment about missing digits. Sounds like Danes enjoy ringing in the New Year with style. Really enjoying all the info in your posts. Keep the pictures coming; I’m traveling vicariously through you (and again bemoaning that my foreign exchange to Denmark fell through)!

  2. Cyndi says:

    I’m catching up on your blog this morning. I have to add that the fireworks frequency starts its crescendo around the end of November, and they sell safety goggles in all the stores leading up to The Battle of Copenhagen, I mean, New Years.

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