Given that Denmark is not as well known as its larger neighbors such as Germany or Sweden, I thought I would write a brief introduction to the country. One of the smallest in Europe both physically and population-wise, the country straddles continental and northern Europe both culturally and geographically.

Sandwiched between the North and Baltic Seas, the country is comprised of the Jutland (Jylland) peninsula to the west and the islands of Funen (Fyn) and Zealand (Sælland) to the east. The latter is separated from Sweden by the Ørsund, a narrow channel leading into the Baltic. The country contains hundreds of additional islands, the most notable being Bornholm, off the southern coast of Sweden. The Faroe Islands and Greenland are also Danish protectorates with representation in the Danish Parliament.

Historically, Danes were among the group collectively known as the Vikings. While infamous for pillaging much of the British Isles and France, they also contributed to the advancement of shipbuilding and were the first to discoverer Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland. Today, the country is home to 5.5 million people (facts and figures courtesy of CIA World Factbook) and boasts a robust, open-market economy with one of the highest gross income levels in the world.  The country is internationally renowned in industries such as agriculture, biotechnology, hearing devices, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy and shipping.

Culturally, the country takes its cues from both its continental and Scandinavian neighbors, adopting the more tolerant, liberal views of its Germanic neighbors to the south while adhering to the extensive social welfare approach of its more tee-totaling Scandinavian cousins to the north. As a result, the country benefits from a high standard of living, universal health care, excellent education and low income inequality.


About Canadianindenmark

A Canadian expat working in the biotechnology industry in Copenhagen, Denmark
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